Need a condom? There’s an app for that!

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Now this is cool.

Leave it to New York’s health department to launch a free condom locator app on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

The NYC Condom Finder, as they call it, is “a free smartphone application designed to locate the five nearest New York City venues that distribute free NYC Condoms.”

The iconic NYC condom was also announced on Valentine’s Day, four years ago in 2007.

Which is also Mayor Bloomberg’s birthday. (Coincidence?)

Wonder what would happen if the health department gave their app data to the DataMine? Bet we’d see some more colorful entries in next year’s NYC BigApps competition….

And all in good fun.

Huffington Post writes:

“We want New York City to be the safest city in the world to have sex,” said the city’s Assistant Health Commissioner Dr. Monica Sweeney. “A lot of people come here for that, so we want them to practice safer sex.”

Download it (free of course) in the iTunes or Android store.

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