Facebook has taken our MoSex page down – help us get it back!

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On Monday, June 13, 2011, our Facebook page was taken down with no warning, no details, and seemingly, no recourse.

In a second, our 43,434 fans (as of 5/31) disappeared. Despite consistent attempts through the requisite channels at Facebook, we have not gotten a response from the organization and our page remains censored and pulled down.

The last post we made to our Facebook page was a   link to a MoSex blog post featuring this video:

We did not directly post the video on our Facebook page; we posted a link to this blog post in which the video was embedded. Our blog automatically publishes to our Facebook page, a feature we disabled today.

The blog post was by Katharine Gates, author, Yale and NYU lecturer, curator of the Kink exhibit at MoSex, and creator of KINKMAP.

Gates launched The Scopo-Files on the MoSex blog, whose purpose, she says, is:

“To illustrate the radical diversity of what is considered erotic,  by providing links to existing YouTube videos that have been uploaded by users from all over the world and form all spots on the erotic spectrum.
The sex acts portrayed in the “Kung Fu Sex” clip were obviously theatrical and fake – part of my interest in the clip was what I saw as the humorous combination of aerial wirework common in standard kung-fu movies with imagined kung fu sex move.

Dan Gluck, the Museum’s Executive Director, told BetaBeat today, “The video had some graphic footage,” but it was “clearly a parody.” “I understand their sensitivity, but rather than sort of give us a warning, they’re kind of treating us like a porn company.”

BetaBeat continues:

The museum had been careful about what content it posted to Facebook in the past, that this was their first warning, and most of their content to date has been similar to what other museums post.

Our goal is to receive a response from Facebook as expediently as possible and restore our Facebook page.  While we have appealed to Facebook through requisite channels, we have received no response as of this post.

We need your help! Please help us contact Facebook to in support of the Museum of Sex Facebook page. Tweet or Facebook it! Our most recent:

“2 days since @Facebook censored the @MuseumofSex page, and no response. Page is down, along with our 43,000 fans. Help!”

Thanks for your support!

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