Meet Smutley and Willy!

Posted on July 1, 2011 by


Here at the museum, we’re fans of promoting safer sex and thrilled to share this captivating and very humorous campaign by AIDES, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS. The campaign passes on the safe sex message with comic strips, cartoons and even a forthcoming World of Sex iPad game.

Our favorites include the story of Smutley the promiscuous cat, who wants anything, whether it has two legs, four hooves or flippers…

…and Willy the tourist cock, definitely the cutest cartoon cock we’ve ever seen.

If anyone finds a plush toy of Willy, please do let us know!

Whether you’re climbing Boob Mountain or visiting Ye Olde Cock Tower, remember this: THE SAFER YOU PLAY, THE LONGER YOU STAY. Enjoy!

For more information on AIDES, please visit