The art of making love. Literally.

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Make love and art with the Love is Art Kit, which allows you and your significant other to create an abstract painting as you roll around in the heat of passion. Just think of the possibilities!

The kit includes a plastic sheet to protect surfaces, a white canvas, a bottle of organic, non-toxic, washable black paint, two pairs of disposable slippers, and a custom body scrubber for post-art showering. You and your partner cover yourself with paint, put down the specially-treated, non-allergenic white canvas, and then use your bodies to spread the paint around the canvas, creating a unique piece of abstract art in the process. You can then take your masterpiece to your local (and unsuspecting) art store and have it stretched, which will make it suitable for hanging.

The kit’s creator, artist Jeremy Brown, suggests making an entire evening of it: “Champagne, strawberries, dark chocolates, scented candles, light music, maybe a warm vitamin E oil massage… just keep things natural and romantic, the love will show itself on the canvas,” he says.

The kit costs $59 and can be purchased here.

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