We’re keeping it PG we swear!

Posted on July 25, 2011 by


Another warning from Facebook? Gosh darnit! We’re just happy that our page didn’t disappear into a black hole like it did a month ago.

We’ve been extra careful to keep things PG with our postings but alas Facebook is still on our case. What set off the warning? We’ve noticed that the following posts were removed so we’re assuming that these were the troublemakers although they don’t include any graphic content or nudity. (Well, we may have been pushing it too far by posting an excerpt of AIDES’ Sexy Fingers clip, but it was for a good cause and got up to a 100 likes!)

> Is technology improving our sex lives?
“Does technology make you a better lover?”
By Kristy Koscz on GeekSugar.com

>>  Would you have sex with a Neanderthal?
“DNA Evidence: Neanderthals Had Sex With Humans” By Stephanie Pappas on LiveScience.com

>>>  An excerpt from AIDES’ racy Sexy Fingers campaign. With a website, video and an Android app, the campaign centers on your fingers and all the “fun” you can have with them, including getting them pricked to test for HIV. The video is AWESOME.

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