I think I’m gonna pop!

Posted on August 6, 2011 by


Imagine the yummy body-odor-like smell of the latex, the buildup of pressure on the thin walls of the balloon, the anxiety growing as you wonder… will it pop now? will I flinch at the noise? Am I ready?

Balloon fans, or looners, enjoy watching a woman or man orally inflate (fellate?) a balloon to the point of popping. Some want the balloon to survive the torture, but others, who call themselves “poppers”, see the explosion as orgasmic and necessary.

Some looners combine the balloon-popping kink with a love of feet. Here, the masterful female feet toy with the poor helpless balloons as they await their explosively orgasmic fate.

A perfect illustration of the Erotic Equation: Pressure + Resistance = Excitement.

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