Let’s Pretend

Posted on August 30, 2011 by


In the KINKS exhibition, I covered only a small section of the world of transformation fantasies – people who become aroused at imagining themselves turned into something or someone OTHER. Men pretending to be women, adults dressing up and playing as babies, humans turning into ponies or puppies all in the name of erotic play. In many cases, this erotic roleplay is combined with material kinks such as leather, rubber, PVC etc.

In this video, a man uses a female latex mask as well as constricting pantyhose to transform himself into a DAK (double-above-knee) amputee woman. Perhaps he wishes deeply to have a female DAK partner but cannot, so he becomes the woman of his dreams. The very act of transforming may make him feel profoundly alive, liberated and desirable. Anxiety and fear about disability can be used to heighten excitement in this case. This kind of solitary play can now be intensified by sharing it with the world on YouTube.

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