Darwin Got It Goin’ On

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The science of life.

The Rap Guide To Evolution has them all. An award winner at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the show is written and performed by Canadian rap artist, Baba Brinkman, presenting a hip hop exploration of the theories of Darwin, presenting songs, statistics and scientific research on the subject of evolution. The show is guaranteed to make you marvel at the power of sex. And natural selection.

Darwin got it goin’ on
Creationism is dead wrong:

The Rap Guide to Evolution is playing now through November 6th at the Soho Playhouse (btw. Varick and 6th Avenue) so make sure to catch it while you can!

Tickets are available online at www.rapguidetoevolution.com or by calling 212-352-3101.
Get tickets for $39 (reg. $55) with MoSex discount code: MARK11

Performance schedule: Tuesday-Friday at 8pm  and Saturday-Sunday at 7pm
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Check out Baba Brinkman’s latest video on DNA replication and the molecular basis of evolution here
complete with James Bond-inspired graphics:

P.S. For you evolution nerds out there, Rap Guide recently started filming the final Q & A segment of the show because it’s always different. At the end of performance, Brinkman takes questions and comments from the audience, does his best to answer them and then remixes the content into the freestyle segment of the song Performance Feedback Revision. We love the spontaneity, or random mutation (see we did learn something!), since every night’s questions and answers offer a different blend of rhymes. It’s variation and selection (aka evolution!) in action. The new videos will be posted every day on the Rap Guide YouTube channel: youtube.com/rapguide.