Six Dollar Sex Book Sale

Posted on November 10, 2011 by


Sex books on sale at the MoSex store…for only $6!

‘Tis the season and these titles would make awesome gifts: fun stocking stuffers, impressive coffee table displays and not to mention an interesting (and educational!) holiday read.

From novels to sex manuals and art books, a wide range of titles are on sale including the following:

SEX DESIGN By Max Rippon
Great-looking, graphic, and entertaining book presenting an exciting selection of designers and their work on the pursuit of pleasure. Included are both product and graphic designs, objects relating to sex, hearts, love, provocative ads using sex as an enticement, phallic architecture, sex toys, and lots of sexual innuendo.


EARTHLY BODIES: Irving Penn’s Nudes, 149-1950
One of the world’s preeminent photographers, Irving Penn is famous for portraiture, still life, and other commercial work. He is less well known as a superb photographer of the female nude. His most important pictures in this genre were made in 1949-50 during intense sessions with artist’s models that were essentially an artistic antidote to the ephemeral fashion world. Charged with powerful, physical, and sexual energy, yet somehow chaste, the images are among the most ambitious and successful nudes ever made.


From a leading expert in artificial intelligence, an eye-opening but superbly argued book about how increasing innovation in robotic technology is enabling legitimate romantic and sexual relationships between humans and robots. Shocking yet wildly informative, “Love and Sex with Robots” builds on that fascination to show how entities we once deemed benign and unresponsive may very well turn out to be objects of real, human desire.


You and I are going to discover all that God has to say about sex in the Old and New Testaments. You are going to have answers to your questions about sex and solutions to your problems with sex. Together, we’re going to learn for ourselves what the Creator has to say about His creation. You’ll encounter truths that will enable you to enjoy and experience all that God intends in the incredible experience of becoming one flesh physically with your husband or wife. And you’re going to know how to conduct yourself until you get married, or if you never marry. – Kay Arthur