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Tips for a Happy & Healthy Sex Life in 2012

January 13, 2012


MASTURBATE.  Practice makes perfect.  Learn to play and control your own instrument before you duet, or partake in any other number ensemble for that matter.  When you masturbate, explore your deepest fantasies saying aloud whatever comes to mind.  This will help you evolve in your own sexual self-awareness and also help you become more comfortable […]

The Internal Clitoris

November 30, 2011


Consider this: In over five million years of human evolution, only one organ has come to exist for the sole purpose of providing pleasure – the clitoris.  It is not required for reproduction.  It doesn’t have a urethra running through it like the penis, and thus, does not urinate.  Its sole function – its singular, […]

The Rule of Thumb: Vagina Types and Variability of Female Orgasm

November 18, 2011


In 1924 a revolutionary research paper on the female orgasm was published in Europe under the pen name A. E. Narjani.  But as it turns out, the real author was actually Princess Marie Bonaparte, great-grandniece of Emperor Napoleon I of France and daughter of Prince Roland Bonaparte.  After she married Prince George of Greece and […]